Completed 16 miles today!

Today I completed my longest ride so far of 16 miles. I cycled along some local country roads which I remembered from when I was a child. I thought they were pretty much flat but I was wrong; the route was incline after incline. The route took me one hour forty minutes which I know isn’t the fastest time but I didn’t take this route to speed along; I wanted to know if I could do the distance. I think it was a mind over matter type journey because there was an occassion or two when the traffic was heavy and the hill was steep and basically I was ready to pull over. Anyway after completing the journey I was a little sore but I know that I could of gone a little further so I am very optimistic that I’ll reach my 20 mike goal. I figure that eventually I will be able to do more long distances and be ready for The British Heart Foundations London to Brighton run and possibly the London to Paris run? Who knows; we will see.

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