Smashed my 20 mile target with an epic cannal run!

So to continue where my last blog finished off my mate and I met up at a canal opening in Perry Barr which is in North Birmingham. We started off with an optimistic look in our eyes and hit the trails quite hard. We though the trails were going be more like pathways but instead they were bits of debris mixed into grass and mud. There were sporadic trails which led you around the route but unless you at least have a front suspension on your bike do not go down these! My mate was on a road bike and complained of wrist pain throughout the journey because of the incredibly bumpy pathways. I would also stress not to do this run alone! There were many strange characters along the route including homeless people and people openly doing drugs. I came round a corner to find two guys injecting what I thought was heroin into their arms. The paths also come incredibly close to the edge of the canal so should you fall in there at least would be a friend to help you. I also expected to see canal boats but sadly there were non! I expect that this was because we went through quite an industrial area and there was really not much to see apart from main roads and derelict buildings. We cycled up to Walsall town centre and stopped for a quick bite to eat at Pier 39(I think it was called). It was very cheap and had decent service and selection of food. On the way back to Birmingham we got caught in heavy rain and was absolutely soaked but all in all it was a good day. 30 miles later and 3682 calories burnt away from my midriff (hopefully) I would say it was a good “adventure”. We are planning to go another route; this time though to Tamworth which should be a little easier on the eye.

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1 Response to Smashed my 20 mile target with an epic cannal run!

  1. Here’s a good route I did in the summer, not so Urban as your route.

    There’s a link to the route in the blog itself.

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