Birmingham Sky Ride

Had a great day today at the Sky ride in Birmingham. The city course was fantastic with thousands of cyclists enjoying the traffic free streets. There were 8000 cyclists on the day which started off at 10am. Sadly I didn’t get there at the start because of work not finishing until 11:30am. Once I built my bike up and checked it over I was off into Cannon Hill park and collected my hi-vis bib. The route was brilliant; it went along Pershore Road into Birmingham and through the famous Market area and actually through the Rag Market. This was my favourite part of this route because it was a little like a cycling version of The Italian Job. Back along past the wholesale Market and along the Pershore Road, behind Cannon Hill and into the park itself. When I got back to the start/finish I noticed another route which went through Rea Valley parkways. I decided to give it a bash as this route was for more experienced cyclists. I followed the excellently signposted route all through Birmingham and eventually reached Newman College situated next to Bartley reservoir. When I asked the guys stationed at this checkpoint they told me that only 80 had attempted this route. I can understand this as it was quite hilly but well thought out and fun. I was told that this particular route was for people to experience an example of the local sky rides which are happening around Birmingham over the next two months. When I returned to Cannon Hill Park I had some free Drench water and Gatorade before chilling out and watching the entertainment on the main stage. I met loads of cool people and I really hope that Sky will come back next year because it really was one of the best days cycling I’ve ever done.

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