Happy new year!

Hello and welcome to 2011! It’s 1/1/11 and it’s the time to
make a decision rather than a resolution. This year I’ve plenty of
things on the cards 1) First and foremost I have entered The London
Duathlon in September. It’s a 10K run, 20K cycle and a 5K sprint to
the finish. I’m running this event for the Down Syndrome
Association who work effortlessly for the rights of those with
Downs. My uncle David had downs and as a tribute I’m doing this for
him; David passed away of MRSA in Good Hope hospital in 2008 and
his impact on our family was massive. 2) Alastair Humphreys is a
adventurer who travelled the world on bicycle over four years on a
budget of just £7000 has a great blog and published two fantastic
books has pioneered people doing micro adventures. I love the
thought of these micro adventures so with a few mates we’re going
to climb the Three Peaks (Snowdon, Scaffell and Ben Nevis). We are
going to do a mountain once a month and then attempt the Yorkshire
Three Peaks for The British Red Cross in July. I really can’t wait
for things like this to start because I’ve got the bug for these
challenges. 3) Which brings me onto number three. Since taking part
in my NSPCC HACK last year I’ve had the bug for charity events so
I’ve got quite a list of events starting in May. Keep intouch for
more updates on the events. 4) Obviously with the physical
challenges I need to do a certain amount of training which is the
next thing for me – it’s time to train like a mofo! My leg is
nearly 100% recovered from my cellulitis so I can now start to jog
on a treadmill and I’ve got a new weights regime to follow now I’ve
built up a lot of strength over the last few months. I’ve had to
crack on with the weights because of my injuries and with the free
weights and my excellent TRX I’ve become a lot stronger – just got
to keep the momentum going. 4) My last thing is work; it’s been
going well over the last few months but I need to do more with my
Open University studies and dedicate a bit more time to it. I’m
also thinking of making a move to Primary schooling because of the
lack of male teachers it could be a good opportunity for me. I just
want to thank everyone who has been there for me including my
amazing mother and beautiful missus who I adore more than anything
on this world! If it wasn’t for these two inspirational women who
push and support me I don’t know where I’d be.

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