The work has officially started!

Ok so my workout officially started yesterday with a session on my TRX! This yellow and black strap is an absolutely brilliant piece of equipment and I recommend it to anyone. It works on the basis of using your body weight as your resistance while suspending you from an anchor point. Check it out on YouTube, you won’t be disappointed! Just to add it also won The Gadget Shows workout gadget of the year!
Today I was a little stiff from yesterdays session but I still managed to get to the gym for a workout. I’ve had the flu (again) and a kidney infection, both of which have took their toll on my fitness & strength but I managed to get a decent workout done. From September to December my workout was big weights and good strength increases, but this time it’s functional athletic type training. Body weight, treadmill, cycling, swimming and circuits are on the cards for the next few months. I’m setting myself a target for May and then see what has worked and what hasn’t. So here we go, the beginning of a journey, let’s see where this goes!

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1 Response to The work has officially started!

  1. Toby Field says:

    I find you don’t realise how weak you are until you start trying to weight train. It’s a real surprise. I must stick at it now!

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