Out of gas in a matter of minutes!

I had a great session at Gracie Barra Birmingham today; we went to hip movement drills with the arm bar and triangle technique.

We also did a very tight set up for a triangle; breaking the grip with the figure four hold, pummelling through and taking your opponents collar you then place your same side foot onto your opponents hip and squeeze. Gripping your opponent with your hips you bring up the hips and you have a quick arm lock set up which can be then transferred into a triangle by kicking your leg over ….. simple really!! lol!!

We then did a bit of sparring, I went with a blue belt and it went well; I reversed him a few times and nearly got an arm bar. This was also a great speed for a big guy like me. It all sounds good right? Wrong! I gassed out by the second guy I rolled with which made me very uncomfortable when you have a grown man on top of you trying to readjust your limbs.

So what’s the solution? Only one thing for it; I’ve got to get my ass running faster and longer during the summer months! I’ve got another week until I break up after this one and I’ve made a commitment that I’m going to really push it every day!

To preserve my knees I’m going to run and cycle on alternative days. Hopefully this will help with my cardio and of course on going weight loss. Well that’s the plan anyway!

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