I could do that!

Bit of a crazy idea but I wonder how difficult it is to open a children’s residential centre or large foster care home? I’ve worked with children for many years and during that time I’ve worked with numerous children who have been in care. I’ve heard the horror stories and worked with organisations to get these children re-homed.

My thought is what could I do to help these children directly? And then it came to me; I could open a residential centre for foster children! Now the question is though, how the bloody hell could I do this? I would like a residential building in a good area which is tailor made for children to enjoy their youth and see how their life should be.

I work part time in a care setting helping adults with learning difficulties so I have experience on that side. I have the knowledge of working with children in an educational and youth setting so I’m well versed in their issues and challenging behaviour.

So my questions are as follows

Who would I speak to directly about working in this field?
What additional qualifications would I need?
If I was to rent a house would I have to tell the agency I’m doing this type of work?
How much would I receive per child for their up keep?
Would I have to do this as a company or stay as private?
What help would I get from the authorities?

These are my additional thoughts but what other issues would arise?

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