A welcome return

It’s been seven days since I’ve been to BJJ because of numerous school trips last week and an appointment at the hospital. I hate not getting down the academy so today felt great. We went through a few basic moves today but it’s the simple things that work for me.

We did two guard passes; one was a shin across the thigh type pass which if done with the correct posture is possible although a little basic. The second was an alternative but with a stack manoeuvre. Both moves were great and are quite good at pinning your opponent while passing the guard.

We then did a bit of positional sparring which you either lay in your guard or in your opponents guard. I managed to get through quite confidently and reversed a few of my class mates. While sparring a higher graded member of the class I went for a complete ‘Hail Mary’ move where I pressed him and tried to spin to regain my guard …. but it completely went pear shaped. Worth a try though plus sparring is meant to be where you try new things out.

Anyway it’s Wednesday tomorrow so I’m closer to my summer holidays!! Bring on six weeks of training!!

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