The day after the 5 hours training before!

So yesterday was my first full day of BJJ at Gracie Barra; I took part in the advanced afternoon session, basic evening session, escapes session and two hours of sparring with the higher more skill full guys. It was an epic days training which I will be doing throughout the summer.
Waking up today I’m surprisingly pain free, yes I have a few bruises because the higher grades go all out when they roll but I’m glad to say I kinda held my own. At the moment I am trying to nullify my opponents moves and gain good position because there is no point in going for a submission if the position is risky because you’ll probably lose it anyway.
I’m back in the academy each day next week although I will have a days rest on Saturday so I can relax. I have bought a good post training supplement which seems to be working well to relieve the aches and pains. I have also bought a fat burner called ‘Grenade’ to help me shift an extra few pounds, we’ll see how it goes by the end of the summer!

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