Things are starting to click!

Just got back from an afternoon advanced session at Gracie Barra Birmingham and I’m feeling pretty smug with myself! We started the lesson going through the ‘De La Riva’ guard which I for one am not at all comfortable with. I was training with a blue belt with quite a bit more experience than I and he was happy to assist me in improving my guard. After the teaching session we went into sparring; first positional and then open sparring. I took my Saulo Ribero Jiu Jitsu University book with me to Germany and scanned through it a few times noting things I’d like to try. I also downloaded a few podcasts from iTunes by Budo Jake. One of the podcasts was an interview with Andre Galvao who Jake interviewed and went through a simple but effective guard sweep. Which brings me back to today’s session; I managed in sparring to use this specific sweep numerous times on various classmates. I have through the summer been focussing escaping bad positions and it’s really improved my game. So as we’re close to the end of August it’s time to focus on a new transition; my new focus now in training for the next few weeks will be guard passing and sweeps from the guard.

I’ll keep you informed!

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