The end of a summer of training

Today is officially my last day of my summer holiday from school and I’d have to say it’s been positive. My goal for these weeks of training was to obviously lose weight but do so by improving my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills. Both I and my instructor is very happy with my improvement and my confidence has certainly grown. I have been purposely allowing people to gain strong positions against be to combat my fears and psychological wariness about being ‘stranded’. I have used a number of books to help; the best one was Saulo Riberos ‘Jiu Jitsu University’. This book is a step by step guide for any one wanting to improve their BJJ game. I focused on the white and blue belt section which include escapes and positional transitions. I also bought Andre Galvao’s ‘Drill to win’ which is awesome for building muscle memory with techniques and has lots of solo drills. This has been great improving my flexibility and I’ll continue to do these drills as part of my daily training regime. Getting back into training like this has been great not only physically but also mentally. I feel ready for the next steps in my life and will try to continue with this positive outlook setting small goals as part of a broader picture.

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