Dude I’ve passed your guard! No you’re not! Yes I am!

Today we revisited the ‘De La Riva’ guard but instead of doing a pass we were doing sweeps and take downs while in the position. We done some great reversals and takedowns which were brilliant for me because I struggle in this position. I don’t actually like any open type guard position because I’m a big guy and generally a little less mobile than the small guys. We did some situational sparring and as a big guy I don’t like to go too hard and would rather be technical than ‘bull-ish’ and pound at my opponent. I’m quite happy passing guard at the moment because I’ve been working a lot of my base, grips and pressure. While passing people’s guard I know when I’m clear and could easily gain a better position such as mount but because I want to keep working with different people. Some of the other white belts are a little naive and refuse to admit that I’ve passed their guard; they don’t have hooks in and I’ve locked either their legs or have pressure on his hips but still they protest! I don’t get this to be honest; I want to progress and roll with different standards of guys. I’ve also been doing a lot of conditioning which is working well when it comes to shifting me hips to gain better positions. BJJ is a game which has many small parts which once working together finally click; this is why I’m really hooked training and this will be a part of my life for many decades to come!

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