No Gi? Me? Oh alright then!

Since starting at Gracie Barra Birmingham I’ve stuck to the Gi classes because I feel that they are slightly more technical than the No Gi sessions. Today however I kinda messed up and went on the wrong class and was convinced to stay and try it out. I’m so glad I stayed because I’ve missed this no fuss style of training. Over the last few months of training my Gi has become a comfort blanket allowing me to get hooks and grips on my opponent with ease and manipulate the cloth to my advantage. No Gi however is a whole other game, the speed I feel is a lot quicker and the body sweating can both help and hinder you & your opponent. I was the new guy to the class which is made up of blue belt standard guys with one or two brown belts scattered here and there. This class was an excellent time for me to practise my harder style of guard passing and scrambling from bad positions. I went with different standard of guys but all of them were impressed with both my positioning and intensity. I must say I was more aggressive which my instructor loved because usually I’m quite relaxed and apparently make far too many jokes (most of which are shit). By the end of the session I had only been tapped twice by guys a lot more experienced than I so I was elated and will definitely be a regular on the class from now on.

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