Kicking it old skool!

I went to the gym for my usual Sunday session today but instead of hitting the weights I watched my Mrs on the treadmill & thought ‘I could do that!’. I’ve not done a lot of cardio because my calf injury was that severe I had no power or push off it. I bought some Brooks trainers & Skins lower leg supports a few months back so I could at least do a little on the treadmill but still there was pain so it was quite minimal. Even climbing Snowdon was very slow because again I could only use my left leg to push off when hiking up the path.
I’ve been doing a lot of leg work to get my calf and ham string free. It’s took a while with a numerous types of training including cycling, squats, and weights machines to get where I am now which brings me back to this afternoon. I ran on the Cybex treadmill for 40 minutes with a break of 2 minutes do some quick lunges to keep my calfs free.
But this got me thinking; I can run now for a decent distance so I’ve got to build my cardio up because that’s what is holding me back in my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sparring. So from October which is only a few weeks away I’m going to dump the weights and go old skool concentrating on cardio and body weight exercises. My plan is that the only equipment I will use will be a TRX, treadmill, medicine ball and some mats. Will this be better than hitting heavy weights? I’ll let you know on November the 1st.

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