First of the month – time to mix up the training

I was speaking on twitter about switching my training a little for October. My BJJ will stay the same; I’m at Gracie Barra Birmingham usually around four times a week. My strength and conditioning is going to be changed a lot though. If you’ve dabbled in BJJ you’ll know that there are a lot of positions where you have to support your body weight in some strange positions. As a big guy I generally struggle with this side of my training because although I’m strong, I don’t think I’m agile with it. So it has made me think about how to improve this so I’m going old skool! Basically I’m for the next few weeks going to put all of my training towards ‘body weight’ style exercises. I’m going to devise a circuit which I’ll do each morning which will include press ups, burpees, chin ups and some of the crazy drills from my ‘Drill to Win’ book by Andre Galvao. You maybe asking yourself ‘what’s the point of this? He goes to a perfectly good weights gym!’ and that’s a good question BUT I’m losing more weight at BJJ so paying for both is a bit tough on the wallet. My subscription with Bannatynes finishes in November so I’ve got to get used to hitting the treadmill so I can get in road work and doing circuits with out luxury facilities. Tomorrow will be my first session so I’ll let you know.

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