It’s been a while …. sorry!

It’s been too long since I updated this blog so here we go.

This blog primarily is about my fitness and BJJ and there has been some big steps towards normality. Firstly since starting training in June I’ve obviously had issues regarding my leg injury so I’ve had to work slowly. I’ve been training 2-3 times a week depending on how the pain is from my calf and by December I kinda had the all clear and started attending 4 times a week. I mainly go on the ‘Basic Gi’ lessons which are for members up to a blue belt but since gaining confidence I’ve been a regular participant on the ‘Advanced Gi’ lessons. The advanced lessons have 45 minutes of rolling as well as specific positional training. Regular rolling is obviously allowing me to build my own game and try out new techniques. I’m not the type of person who is too proud to tap and I always ask for an explanation of what I should’ve done. As well as tapping myself I do on occasion make my fellow students tap – one very scary incident was when I choked out a fellow white belt unconscious as he refused to tap while I cranked the choke more and more. My strength and conditioning is also improving; I’m slowly dropping weight and becoming stronger and more agile. My main concern now in training is hip movement while on my back. I drill a lot after my strength sessions and find these in either books or from YouTube uploads.

My hope now is to weekly update this blog to aid my training and mental understanding of BJJ.

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