Snowdon in aid of Help for Heroes

While reading through that last blog post I totally forgot about on recent event which was pretty epic; my Help for Heroes Snowdon climb.

My friend Andy and I fancied doing something to raise money for the casualties of war in the Middle East, after a few weeks of thinking we came up with the climb. We started at the old ranger hostel and started along the path which is located behind it. The path ways were a lot steeper than I first thought; the rocks were at knee height so each one was like doing a squat at the gym. My legs tired quickly because my injured calf but after an energy bar and a Red Bull we pressed on.

The pathways levelled out we walked along a boggy path. This was only for a kilometre or two and then a gravel path started again. Walking along this my confidence grew but it was very premature because huge rocks started to replace the gravel. The path was even steeper than before; we made our was around the ‘S’ turns to the beginning of the final slog. From here the snow covered the paths so we tied our crampons to our boots.

A few steps on the weather started to change, the winds hailed hard against us and the rain beat us down. It was very demoralising from here because of fatigue and the weather. This section was also very slow; my legs and back were very tired now. We pressed on through the pain and I noticed the beginning of the summit train tracks. Straight away I seems to recover from my tiredness and we almost jogged to the summit. Arriving at the new visitors centre which was regrettably closed we had but a few more steps to the summit and it’s sun dial.

After a cup of tea and a change of clothes we made our way down the Llambris path way too a welcomed hot chocolate and scone (how lovely lol).

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